Why Some Lawyers Are Reluctant to Recommend Other Lawyers

When we are faced with a legal situation, which is too much to handle, we often ask the help of a lawyer to make things easier for us. These people have devoted years in training for practicing their craft. However, there would still be some cases when lawyers are not also able to handle your case for several reasons such as the case you are in is not the field their forte. In this light, you may need to ask for a referral or recommendation from them to reach lawyers who can help you better in solving your case. Other … Read more

Should You List Your Firm or Solo Practice in Legal Directories?

1.How many visitors do the legal directories get? This is a key question to deciding whether it’s worth your while to use a directory. If the answer is, “Not many,” then you you’re better off continuing your search. There’s no point in spending your time and money (if the directory includes a subscription fee) on a directory that isn’t used by consumers. If the directory doesn’t make their page views publicly available, you can get a sense as to its popularity by how quickly it comes up in a generic web search for legal directory. Chances are, if it comes … Read more

How to be a Better Lawyer

After surpassing the hurdles of studying everything about the law in law school and even passing the bar exams, the quest of becoming a better lawyer is about to start. However, how does one become a better lawyer?

  • Laying out reasonable expectations to your clients

This is probably one of the common mistakes that other lawyers commit – laying out the expectations of their clients. To become a better lawyer, you must not fail in establishing reasonable and proper expectations to your clients. Avoid telling them about the things that they want to hear instead of the reality that should … Read more

How Lawyers Can Find Free Forms on the Internet

The legal profession is drowning in paper. There are forms and affidavits and briefs—and then more forms. Pretty much any legal action that you want to take involves at least one form. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that those forms, at least when provided by most lawyers, cost you money. As a way of keeping your costs down, you can use the internet to find those same forms for free. Unfortunately, finding the correct forms for your state and locality can be a challenge—it’s not just a matter of typing “divorce papers” into Google. Each state has its … Read more

How to Recommend a Lawyer’s Services without Putting One’s Credibility on The Line

Although there are many ways on how to acquire a lawyer’s service, getting the recommendation directly from another lawyer can somewhat be assuring. Lawyers will most likely refer other lawyers to you whom they see fit for the job that is needed to be done. However, whenever recommending lawyers do that, they risk putting their credibility on the line. That said, there are some ways on how lawyers can recommend the service of another lawyer without putting their own credibility on the line.

  • Avoid readily revealing names unless you have properly assessed.

In order to also keep your credibility safe, … Read more

Does Rate a Lawyer Work for Getting More Clients?

Some law firms and solo practitioners are including features on their websites allowing visitors to rate a lawyer—or the whole firm—or leave comments. Modern consumers, after all, are used to being able to look at ratings of products, and the feature certainly appeals to prospective clients who want to make sure that they’re hiring a good lawyer. While it can be tempting to make your website more interactive, there are some issues to consider before implementing such a feature.

1                    How will you control who can post? Obviously, you only want former clients or colleagues—people who have a context … Read more

Finding a Good Lawyer through Online Reviews vs. Word of Mouth Recommendation

Among the many ways of looking for a good lawyer, the two most popular ways in looking for good lawyer recommendations are through online reviews and word of mouth. Both of these options offer unique features and both are available to help us in the goal of finding a good lawyer to represent us. However, which of the two would really be the most helpful option? Here is a short list of the pros and cons of online reviews vs. word of mouth recommendation.

Online Review Pros

  • Has a wide range and huge database that will definitely land you, a
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